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Automatic Transmission Repair in Columbus, OH

When your transmission is working as intended, you are able to drive better and experience more control while on the road. Count on the automotive mechanics at Central Ohio Transmissions, LLC. We provide quality automatic transmission repair in Columbus, Ohio. Our staff has the equipment and training to return you to the road in an efficient manner. We are also available for auto clutch repair and replacement services.

The Necessity for Automatic Transmission Repair

Many vehicles on the road today operate with an automatic transmission. By employing a complex set of hydraulics, gear sets, cranks, and shafts, the automatic transmission has made it even easier to drive both in the city and on the highway. As a complicated system with many different moving parts, your transmission is prone to normal wear. Eventually, you will need an automatic transmission service to keep your vehicle in working order. If your acceleration has become irregular, or if you hear something out of the ordinary while driving, come to our fully equipped garage. Our mechanics are available to inspect your transmission for proper function and alignment.

Automatic Transmission Repair in Columbus, OH

Reliable Automatic Transmission Service

Count on our specially trained mechanics for dependable automatic transmission services. Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience, our mechanics have the knowledge and skill to perform your repairs and replacements. 

Since we specialize in automatic transmissions, you can have confidence knowing that your repair will be done quickly, correctly, and according to your budget. Our garage has the staff to repair each component of your transmission, including:

• Planetary Gear Set • Hydraulic Controls • Torque Converter and Clutch

Hassle-Free Auto Clutch Repair and Replacement

Unlike the manual transmission, the automatic transmission does not include a clutch pedal. Instead, the gear changing action in your automatic vehicle depends on the torque converter, also known as the auto clutch. You may be due for an auto clutch repair if you notice that you are stalling, or if you are hearing uncharacteristic grinding noises while accelerating and braking. 

The torque converter, much like the flywheel, is prone to friction and wear. Sooner or later, you will need to have your vehicle inspected to determine whether your need an auto clutch replacement. That is why our mechanics are available to address all of your transmission issues. We provide insightful inspections and make informed recommendations before every service. Improve the handling, performance, and fuel economy of your vehicle and visit our garage for automatic transmission service.

Contact us today to learn more about our auto clutch repair solutions. We proudly service motorists in Columbus, as well as Lancaster, Gahanna, Grove City, and Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

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